Leadership Feedback Survey

Do Others See You Like You Think They Do?

Leadership Feedback Surveys…Survey feedback from othersSelf-awareness is key to good leadership. Knowing how others perceive you can help identify where to focus your development energies. enLumen Leadership Services is here to help with that.

Before the survey, we’ll decide together whether to create sub-groups of responses. For example, you might want peer information reported separately from subordinates.  We’ll also make adjustment to the wording of the statements to fit your context.

When the survey is ready to launch, you’ll ask your superiors, peers, and subordinates to respond anonymously online to about 70 customizable statements about your leadership skills. We’ll provide a sample email you can send to your selected participants with a link to the survey.

Survey Sample

Survey Competencies
Leadership/Management Framework

Survey statements identify perceptions of your leadership according to the competencies of our Leadership/Management Framework:

When the responses come in, we compile reports of the statistical data and comments and review them with you to help you interpret the results.

Survey Reports include:

  • Top Ten Responses
  • Lowest Ten Responses
  • Biggest Difference between self-scores and others’ scores
  • Summary Report by category
  • Detail Report of response scores
  • Comments Report

Survey Report Sample

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