Success From the Start

Leveraging Your Personal Values

Andrew CROPOur guest blogger, Andrew, is currently serving as an intern at enLumen Leadership Services.  Andrew wrote this article about his older brother, Timothy, who continually inspires Andrew toward excellence as he pursues his career in the music industry.

Timothy was nineteen when he landed the job in Community Care, a public relations branch at Action Property Management Company. Typical kid, typical entry-level job. What set Timothy apart were the values behind his work ethic. Timothy is the sort of person who will not rest until he has done the best, most efficient job possible. From day one, he demonstrated this through his tireless pursuit of excellence at Action. Continue reading Success From the Start

The Changing Narrative of Leadership

From Institutions to Networks

Leadership is fundamentally about using pooled resources to achieve some purpose.  The narrative behind traditional organizational leadership goes something like this:

Historical Org Leadership Narrative

That approach has served us well for several generations.  But as has oft been said, “what got us here won’t get us there”. Continue reading The Changing Narrative of Leadership

Hills, Skills, and Wills

Diagnosing Obstacles to Performance

basketball-89829_640In his book, Hills, Skills, and Wills: How to Improve Yours (and Others) Performance, Michael J. Ayulo identifies three categories of obstacles that hinder a person’s performance. As the title suggests, he labels them as hillsskills, and wills. These are useful handles to put on some important distinctions.

If I go to the doctor with a serious illness, it’s important that the doctor diagnose the cause of my illness correctly. Otherwise, the treatment he proposes may not work or might even make things worse. The same is true in diagnosing a performance problem. Continue reading Hills, Skills, and Wills

If You Think Leading Today Is Tough…

Wait ’til Tomorrow!

Three generations.  Global cultures.  Diverse values.  Blending them together for a common goal? Diverse PeopleLeadership today is tough. What if you had to knit together four generations of even more multi-cultural, more diverse values?  That’s what our next generation of leaders has to look forward to. Millennial values are no more permanent than those of any previous generation, although no one knows yet what the values of the Millennial+1 generation will be. Continue reading If You Think Leading Today Is Tough…

Future-Focused Leadership

Tapping Into the Values of a New Generation

By some definitions, Adolf Hitler was a leader.  So were Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot.  Leading PeopleBut would you have chosen to follow them?

The most fundamental characteristic of a leader is the presence of followers.  You might be a manager or an entrepreneur, but until you have followers, you’re not leading. Continue reading Future-Focused Leadership

Building on Quicksand

Undermined by the Invisible

Pete couldn’t wait to implement the new project management process his friend Bill told him about.  roll-238142_150After Bill described the incredible success their organization had with it, Pete ran out and bought the book Bill recommended and read it that week.  Replacing their aging donor management system seemed like the perfect project to launch it on.

Fast forward six months…

Pete’s frustrations were at an all-time high.  The original project plan called for the implementation of the new system to be well under way by now.  Instead, they were still arguing over which vendor to select.  How could Bill have been so successful with this methodology that was failing him so miserably?
Continue reading Building on Quicksand

Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill…Now What?

A Tale of Two Leaders

When Jack launched his homeless shelter he had no ideaJack-n-Jill it would grow to house over a hundred people at a time and provide meals and showers for thousands more. He didn’t expect to have a staff of eighteen people and numerous volunteers. But his passion for helping the homeless was contagious. He discovered he was good at raising support, launching creative programs, and recruiting people.

He knew he wasn’t good at the administrative stuff, so he hired people or outsourced those functions. But now he had hit a plateau that he just couldn’t get past.  Continue reading Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill…Now What?