And Now A Word From Our Clients…

Shaped the way I approach my career

enLumen Leadership Services has shaped the way I approach my career. I am now more self-aware of the decisions I make and the influence I have on others. Alan asks challenging questions to help you see scenarios from a different perspective. He also is equipped with several resources to help you become a better manager, employee, and overall problem solver. I would highly recommend his services to individuals looking for 1-1 coaching as well as organizations who strive for excellence.

– Gabriella J.

Wisdom, character, and excellence

“Alan always comes with his A-game.  When we meet in person, when we connect by phone or email, he consistently enters into the situation wholeheartedly with wise advice and counsel distilled from decades of experience and a character-first approach.  He brings resources, models for me to consider, and probes with perspective-broadening questions to get us where we need to go.  His genuine care for the success of our team has been invaluable.  Strongly recommend.”

– Andrew B.

Great experience and advice

“Alan has a broad background in communication situations and his advice is well thought out and applicable.  The information provided is timely and pertinent to the situation.  I would highly recommend their services.”

– Christina K.

Wise insights and honest reflection

“Alan is not afraid to be the only one who sees things a certain way, and willingly gives and receives honest feedback.  He has the unique ability to connect relationally while thinking globally, generating a solid combination of wise insights and honest reflection.”

– Mike Sciarra, Sr. Pastor
Grace Church of Orange

Leadership through guided introspection

“Alan asks the hard questions about why I do the things I do and how I do them.  This process gets to my motivation which he then steers towards how I can be a better leader, someone that others will want to follow, not have to follow.  I am always pleasantly surprised at how Alan gets to the root of a leadership issue and can put tangible next steps for improvement.  He shows me sides of myself I do not see on my own.”

– Mike M.

Trusted advisor

“Alan is a trusted adviser who provides keen insight into organizational issues, and delivers practical and strategic solutions based in Biblical wisdom.  He is gifted in his ability to discern the root cause of problems  in an organization’s culture.  He is undeterred in boldly and tactfully sharing his perspective, oftentimes requiring him to hold a mirror up to top leadership.”

– S. Robert Yi
Ten Talents Partners

Outstanding! Really made a difference!

“Alan has provided his services to help me with my own business, as well as assist me in developing and teaching entrepreneurial and business program for the high school I work at.

“He has changed my perspective on leadership and company culture.  He has empowered me as a leader to have a greater impact on employees, as well as students.  The tools he has given me have changed the entire feeling of the program.

“Alan is an incredibly patient teacher.  He knows his subject matter and really cares about people.  He is a man who has the ability to help one change the entire atmosphere at work and improve the satisfaction, commitment and retention of employees.  He help leaders be leaders!

I highly recommend him!!”

– Anne-Marie L.

Helped us change our thinking and find solutions

“His challenges and guidance have helped us change our thinking and find solutions. He has carefully challenged us while at the same time helped us answer our own questions – sometimes questions we didn’t even know to ask.”

 – Chris Beatty
The Vocal Coach