Start Strong

Buzzwords or Building Blocks?

Mission…Vision…Values…Purpose Statement…Guiding Principles — we can wordsmith fluffy documents all day long and not earn a dime from them at the end of the day.

Some companies spend a lot of time and money so they can check the box and say they have these documents. But unless they reflect and influence reality, save your energy for something else.

On the other hand…A leader’s ability to motivate top performance from others depends on the leader’s ability to provide crystal clarity — not only on what needs done, but why it needs done.

The harder it is for you to clearly articulate where your organization is going, how you’re going to get there, and why it matters, the more important it is for you to do so.meeting-1015313_640

Robots can do tasks, but people need motivation to deliver their best efforts. Your staff wants to know they’re making a significant contribution to something bigger than themselves. Paint a clear picture of how they’re doing that and you’ll benefit from higher retention, increased productivity, and faster growth.

Good leaders know where they’re taking their followers, and their followers know it too. Don’t keep them guessing. Communicate what’s really important.

enLumen Leadership Services is here to help with that.