Success From the Start

Leveraging Your Personal Values

Andrew CROPOur guest blogger, Andrew, is currently serving as an intern at enLumen Leadership Services.  Andrew wrote this article about his older brother, Timothy, who continually inspires Andrew toward excellence as he pursues his career in the music industry.

Timothy was nineteen when he landed the job in Community Care, a public relations branch at Action Property Management Company. Typical kid, typical entry-level job. What set Timothy apart were the values behind his work ethic. Timothy is the sort of person who will not rest until he has done the best, most efficient job possible. From day one, he demonstrated this through his tireless pursuit of excellence at Action.

Before long, Timothy was promoted to Production Room Lead.  Not once did he allow his values to bend; rather, he trusted and refined them.  Those values were reflected in his behavior and were contagious.  He challenged his subordinates as a boss would, while encouraging them like a leader should.

On top of his work as the Production Room Lead, he spent his extra time finding innovative ways to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the company as a whole.  He cut costs on supplies, found better vendors to work with, and streamlined internal processes.  He continued to impress his managers and they rewarded his efforts. As Efficiency Analyst/Corporate Production Services Supervisor, he has continued to take on broader responsibilities.

In three years, Timothy’s salary has increased 60% – this during a period when average pay increases averaged less than 3% per year.  His success did not come because he was in the right place at the right time.  It was the result of acting on his values of efficiency and innovation.

Here at enLumen Leadership Services, we like to come alongside the Timothys of the world to help them recognize and leverage their personal values.  We also like to come alongside the Action Property Management Company’s of the world and help them become organizations that know how to enable the Timothys in their midst.

As demonstrated through Timothy’s life, success comes to those who are willing to act upon their values and take initiative.Print_Button

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