Love Thy Employees

Not Just Loving What They Do For You

Love in the Workplace

If you’re looking for advice on workplace romance, this isn’t it.Workplace Love

We’re talking about leadership, so let’s see the connection between leadership and love.

Since both words have numerous definitions, let’s clarify the definitions we’re using here:

Leadership:  Helping others reach their full potential.  See and numerous other articles on this site for a fuller understanding of leadership.  If you’re seeking your personal success and the success of your organization, the best way to achieve those is to focus on the success of those you depend on to make them happen.

Love:  Making choices to put the good of another ahead of our own.  Although many uses of the word “love” emphasize emotions, recognizing love as a choice that results in actions (and sometimes feelings also) puts it into the realm of something we control rather than something that happens to us.  I find that to be a far more meaningful use of the word. Continue reading Love Thy Employees