Train and Equip

Train Your Staff to Leadwellsm

Leadership is about influencing others for their success. Helping others succeed is the key to our own success. If you only focus on your own success, you (and your organization) will be constrained by others’ lack of success. We all win when we commit to helping each other succeed.

Leadwellsm training equips your leaders with the competencies of our Leadership/Management Framework.  Training can be provided to address the entire model over a series of sessions, or individual classes can be structured to address specific competencies needed in your Leadership/Management Frameworkorganization.

The full course emphasizes the three Leadership quadrants of the model and only touches on the Management quadrant. Management skills are important and enLumen can help develop those competencies. But our passion is building the under-developed leadership competencies of current and future leaders.

The structure of the six-month course includes monthly live training days interspersed with weekly online assignments and discussions. While we are open to explore alternative delivery formats, time plays an important role in training and we have declined requests to compress it into a one-week intensive. That format does not have the same depth of impact on the participants. A four to six-month format has the following benefits:

  • It requires on-going engagement with the course materials every week. Learning over time is more effective than “backing up the dump truck” all at once.
  • It is highly interactive with students learning from each other as well as from the instructors.
  • Content is being pushed out in small pieces that can often begin being put into practice before the next content is delivered.
  • The time commitment for each student (6-month course) is approximately 42 hours of class time and 20 hours of flexibly scheduled outside work.
  • Use of an online discussion board for weekly assignments allows
    • scheduling flexibility within the week for the participants,
    • accountability for participation,
    • opportunity for participants – at their option – to go as deep as they choose on topics of high interest. The discussion of any question can continue online as long as there is interest. This also allows late participation if, for example, someone is on vacation.
    • a record of discussions that can be analyzed to adjust content and go deeper where the need is indicated for continual improvement of the program,
    • the same format can be used for follow-up training on a monthly, quarterly, or other frequency as desired,
    • the opportunity (but no requirement) for Senior Leadership to monitor and engage in the discussion as desired and appropriate.

One caveat:  If you’re looking for a plug-and-play program that you can just outsource and forget, this isn’t it. We’re not into just selling training, we want to impact lives help organizations thrive. That requires two things that don’t fit a plug-and-play format: 1) We work with you to adapt the program to embrace and reinforce your organizational values; and 2) We expect significant executive level participation in delivering and championing the principles we teach. (We can discuss what that looks like…)

So if you’re serious about growing leaders enLumen would be happy to explore ways to adapt this program to build on your corporate values and suit your needs.