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The Voice of Your Organization

“I can’t believe he wrote that to a client!”

The Voice of Your OrganizationHave you ever found yourself surprised by things your representatives say on behalf of your organization? Instead of blaming them, consider that maybe it’s your fault.

If the problem is a poor command of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, it probably starts with the hiring process. If you don’t screen for that, don’t be surprised at what you get. But that’s a topic for another day.

Managing Emotional Bank Accounts

Invest Wisely…

Emotional Bank AccountsI want to be an influential person. But after starting my career as a computer programmer, I’ve recognized that people are much harder to influence than computers. Computers do exactly what you tell them to do – although that can be a problem when I don’t get my instructions exactly right. With people on the other hand…even precise instructions can go wrong if I don’t take emotions into account.

Don’t Cop Out on Good Leadership

The Easy Way vs. The Right Way

Leaders must be willing to have tough conversations. But the temptation to find a way to avoid those conversations is strong. If we’re committed, as we should be as leaders, to helping those we lead to succeed then we must be willing to do the hard thing. Here are a few of the common cop outs that we’re tempted to use instead of having a tough conversation: