Managing Emotional Bank Accounts

Invest Wisely…

Emotional Bank AccountsI want to be an influential person. But after starting my career as a computer programmer, I’ve recognized that people are much harder to influence than computers. Computers do exactly what you tell them to do – although that can be a problem when I don’t get my instructions exactly right. With people on the other hand…even precise instructions can go wrong if I don’t take emotions into account.

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Changes Now, Changes Past

Leveraging Your History

Unless you’re a fresh startup, your organization has a history. It’s a pretty good bet that your history includes some significant changes. And you’re about to introduce another…

Change built on the pastWhether your company’s history is a source of pride and loyalty or a dark dungeon of despair, you can’t afford to ignore the past as you introduce change.  The uncertainty of change stirs emotions even in those who aren’t inclined to express them. For some, those emotions may be positive as they see the potential for a brighter future. For others, even positive changes are accompanied by overwhelming anxiety. And if the change is in any way threatening… Continue reading Changes Now, Changes Past